Chill Out! Beauty Products You Can Actually Store in Your Fridge

Where do you keep your beauty products? In a vanity by your bed? In a carrying case so you’re always ready to be made up and on the go in as short a time as possible?

Well, think again. Some of these potions and lotions and other personal favorites should go directly into the fridge, both before and after use.

Take your face masks and eye creams, for instance.

Indeed, clogged pores never had it so good as when the stuff you use to fix up your mug, saving it from puffy eyes and the like, is put into the kitchen refrigerator until ready for use. When needed, you’ll be glad you did this in advance.

Now how is that for being really chill? Cool, right?

Photo source: Pinterest

Other beauty needs such as moisturizers and such should also take a shelf in the family refrigerator for the best results. However, before that happens, be sure to read the ingredients that make up the product you are about to put in this locker of cold things.

The important way to determine if your product is a product that can take that kind of low temperature is to see if there are any preservatives used in its making. If the answer is no, then go ahead and aim for the fridge.

That said, take a serious look at these same products from time to time between uses to be sure they are still good to go. Sometimes bacteria and/or mold can invade in which case it is safest to throw out anything that has been so afflicted.

Finally, one hot tip that works wonders in the refrigerator applies to lipstick and lip balm. If you find your favorite stick melted during a warm evening out, simply put it on blast in that cold place until the melted monster becomes solid again. Tricky, huh?